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Dr. Ibarra was born and raised in the Peruvian Coast. She graduated with a degree as Medico Veterinario Zootecnista from the University of San Luis Gonzaga - Peru in June, 2001 and has worked with Dr. Richard George for 10 yrs. Dr Ibarra successfully completed the requirements set forth by the American Veterinary Medical Association’s Educational Commission of Foreign Veterinary Graduates for licensure in the United States and as of August of 2010 she joined the Animal Clinic staff as Associate Veterinarian. Her professional interests include Small Animal Dermatology and Internal Medicine. Dr. Ibarra speaks fluent English and Spanish. She lives in Orlando with her husband and 2 cats named Pasto and Teeter and a dog named Vegas. Enjoys working out and traveling. She supports and volunteers for the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind, Inc. and raised a wonderful guide dog named Dakota.

Natali S. Ibarra

Heather Bates

Heather is a native of Florida, and has been working for Dr. George since 1994. She earned an Associate Degree in Business from Daytona Beach Community College. After time spent managing in the restaurant business she realized that this was not the career she wanted, animals were her calling. Also wanting to help others, she has raised seven puppies for the Guide Dog Foundation for the blind, and continues to support this organization. Heather is a member, trainer and volunteer at the Brevard County Dog Training Club, where she teaches basic obedience classes, and works her own dogs in obedience, rally, and agility. She is particularly interested in the subject of canine behavior. Heather funded Fur By Choice in April of 2011, a full grooming facility that operates during weekend hours. As the Office Manager at Dr. George’s Animal Clinic Heather will be happy to assist you with any information or help you may require.

Stephanie Pilkenton is from Lexington Kentucky, and lives locally in Rockledge with her dog, Siena. She has always had a passion for animals, and works as a veterinary assistant. She is currently studying animal science on a pre-vet track at the University of Florida. She is an Army cadet, and aspires to serve as an Army veterinarian after veterinary school.

Stephanie Pilkenton

Manny Zamora

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Mary Hartney

Kaylee Jaelyn

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Michaela Foley is from Melbourne Florida, and currently lives in Satellite Beach. Since elementary school, she has loved the idea of working with animals. She currently works as a receptionist, and veterinary assistant. She is a senior at Satellite High School, and plans to attend a Florida university after graduation. She is interested in a medical career, but remains undecided in pursuing work with animals or people.

Michaela Foley

Amy Reinhart

Amy is a Native of Florida who grew up with all types of animals and loves working with them. During the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, she and her husband volunteered in Hattiesburg, MS to care for the animals that were displaced by this disaster, what a humbling experience. After working at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and Kennedy Space Center for many years she had always wanted to work in a position that is dedicated to animals. She was given that opportunity when she retired and is now happily working at Dr. George and Dr. Ibarra's Animal Clinic. She is now pursuing her desire to work with dogs. She is an instructor at the local dog training academy, also training her own dogs and is a member of The Canine Freestyle Federation. Achieving goals that were set many years ago. Amy is also involved with, and a supporter of The Guide Dog Foundation For The Blind. Loving animals and the wonderful team of people she works with is another goal that she has achieved.

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